Help from friends who once were strangers

There is a saying that all strangers are just friends waiting to be met.  It's true.  Sometimes people just take time to come together in order for that to happen.  Timing is important too.  You never know when a stranger is going to turn into someone who helps you in your time of need

I'm an artist, a maker and a healer.  I haven't held a "regular" job in many years.  In some years it was good and some not so good.  Currently, I'm not having such a good year.  I've had some health issues regarding my eyes and some financial issues.    I'm doing what any maker, creative person might do and that is to try and make a living from my art.  From the things I make. From the things I know how to do.  One of those things is make jewelry and for me it's all about putting positive energy into it.  I'm also a healer so for me jewelry is like a talisman.  Something to wear that protects you.  I'm hoping that it will protect me from poverty.   I'm not exaggerating.  I wish I were.  I'll pretend I'm not.  I do believe that everything works out in the end and I am very hopeful that they will.  I just have to be vulnerable and admit I need some help.  I'm too old to pretend things are okay and not do nothing.  I've stepped out of my comfort zone and asking for help.  I'm asking the universe.  I'm asking friends and the soon to be friends to just buy something from me.  

If you buy something from an artist you are helping them fulfill their mission.  That's all I want.  That's all anyone needs.   I was okay until I got hit by an unscrupulous lawyer who decided that he was going to sue me for me as much as he could bill.   The story started with some tenants that I had in a condo that I own and rented.  I don't live in the condo for many reasons but I also couldn't sell it because I would lose way more then I paid for it and that was money my dad had given me.  If I ever sell it at this point (even if I sell it for what I paid)  I will still not make any money.  I just don't want to lose that hard earned equity in it.  It's also my future.    Anywho, So the tenants sued me over $327 that they did NOT get back in their security deposit.  They left the apartment damaged much more that I found out later.  The problem is that this was during the time I was going to eye surgeries for cataracts and honestly could not literally "focus" on that soI just deducted a small portion as time was running out that I had to give them a return.  I did get it in before the deadline but as Chicago, is a tenant friendly city I wound up getting hit hard by the old ordinances that punish landlords.    The Judge, Patricia Spratt, said aloud that the tenants struck her as "not trustworthy and that as much as she'd like to rule in my favor and just dismiss the cas; the lawyer for the plantiff's would not let it go and kept hounding at "You must follow the letter of the law"   He made it clear that he would just continue to file appeals.   It was nuts!   The Judge apologized to me and awarded them the minimum (it was still a lot to me) and then separated the attorney's fees.  The guy wanted almost $10K in fees alone.    Seriously, all over $327.   There's more to the story but that's it in a nutshell.  It's hard to believe that a couple who make over $150K would sue over $327 (especially since they knowing broke a brand new refrigerator)  the RTLO (Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance)  was written decades ago and has never been updated for todays "condo landlords"   We are treated the same as if we owned a large multi-unit building.  I wasn't a slum lord.

So I'm trying to move one from this.  I'm broke.  Tapped out.  All my savings that I had accumulated over years is gone overnight practically.   What to do, I thought?  Time to stop pretending that everything is good and ask my friends, the people that I know for help.   So I thought, I make stuff, why not just try doing my own "Kickstarter" from my website.  Sell my own stuff and give something that I have anyway to help myself and hopefully people are happy they got a cute charm or talisman. 

So tell your friends about my charm or the other things I make.  I also do  maybe that is of interest.     However you help me, it will be greatly appreciated it!  

"When you help others, you help yourself."