Creativity, Well-Being

Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra which is above the Sacrum.

Yellow is the best color to boost enthusiasm in your life and can contribute with greater confidence and optimism. It loves challenges, especially the mental kind. In color psychology, yellow is known as the color of communication. It is a great speaker, networker and journalist, who all work and communicate on the mental level. The color yellow is the scientist, who constantly analyze things and look methodically on both sides of a case, before making a decision. Yellow is also the entertainer, comedian and clown.

The yellow color helps make decisions and relates to clarity of thought and new ideas. Yellow also helps us focus, study and remember information. This can be useful under examination situations. The color yellow can also be anxiety-provoking as it moves rapidly forward in life, making us nervous. It can be associated with being scared, a coward, or envy. You’ve probably heard of the term “feeling yellow”. Yellow also has a tendency to make you more analytical and mentally critical, which include self-criticism,